Thursday- Day 5

Thursday morning, mom and I thought that a drive down to the ferry to take to Ocracoke would be a great idea! After an hour of driving to the ferry and an hour of waiting in line, mom and I decided to turn around and drive an hour back.. At least it was a pretty drive! On the drive back we stopped by the Cape Hatteras lighthouse and the Bodie Island light house, they were beautiful. That evening we spent our time hang gliding from Jockey’s ridge. It was hilarious. Mom’s first solo trial run reminded me of the first trial run of Orville and Wilbur Wright’s first attempt.. Crash. I got a picture of her in the air though! Her next few runs were awesome though and she quotes “It was so beautiful up in the air, then you just come crashing back to reality”. My flights weren’t smooth rides either. I got roughed up more than mom did! My first time I literally did a 180 and crashed into the sand. My second flight I went super high then stalled and did a nose dive. That one hurt. I banged my shins on the hand bar and cut my elbow on something I don’t know. It didn’t hurt that bad. I laughed and shook off the sand and went back again! My fifth and final flight I finally landed on my feet! At least I ended on a good note. After the trek back to the building, mom and I were looking rough. It was really funny though. we couldn’t stop laughing the entire ride back to Poor Richard’s pub in Manteo. We walked in like two survivors from a shipwreck. Mom and I were completely covered in sand, and I was bleeding from my elbow and had bruises on my shins. The lady at the bar said “Can I get ya’ll something to drink?” (too bad I wasn’t 21 yet..) and mom said “Yes, I’ll have a Margarita”. I had a sprite :/ We ordered chicken tenders, wings and fries then sat at the bar with the locals while there was live music playing. We then came back to our cute little guest house, took showers, and crashed.
End of day cinco.

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Wednesday- Day 4

On Wednesday, we visited the Wright brothers memorial. I bet my dad would have LOVED to be there with us explaining all the physics and technicalities of airplanes. It was slightly overcast but we were thankful because it wasn’t that hot. There we watched a documentary on the Wright brothers and their struggles as well as their triumphs. They had put so much work in their experiments to only have them crash! -we are lucky their persistence paid off. That afternoon we ate at Big Al’s Diner. We ate the Route 64 burger in honor of our voyage. I had an oreo milkshake that was to die for. After that, we went down to the old town of Manteo (my favorite place in the OBX) and walked along the board walk and the lighthouse. Little did we know there was a wedding taking place at the lighthouse! It was picture perfect. I almost teared up- it was so cute.. (there are pictures don’t worry- the internet connection is REALLY slow so uploading pictures would take hours- not exaggerating- and we have so much to do!) That evening, mom and I went to see The Lost Colony. We literally had front row center seats. The play was awesome but it started at 8:30 and ended after 11pm- it was long.. I later saw a shirt that said “Don’t ask the locals for directions, they already lost one colony”. Mom and I chuckled.
And that concludes day cuatro.

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Minds are like parachutes, they only work when open. -Days 2 & 3

Yesterday was quite an eventful day. To start, Mom and I got honked at by a couple guys in a truck while walking in Murphy, then mom waved. Embarrassing. Later, after eating at “The Daily Grind” coffee shop, Mom and I wandered through a bookstore and found some funny buttons. Some read “I embarrass my offspring” “Don’t panic, its organic” and “Minds are like parachutes, they only function when open”. I got the last two 🙂 . While leaving Murphy we witnessed a car accident only one car in front of us. That would have put a damper on our road trip… After taking the wrong turn on 64, we sadly missed the waterfalls, but we did get some breathtaking views of the mountains. I love it up here.The trip to “Hot Dog World” totally made my day. I ordered a foot long dog with chili, cheese, slaw, mustard, and ketchup. Yes, I ate the entire thing- along with fries and a mocha milkshake that I shared with Madre. I better be careful about what I eat these next few days or I’ll be in trouble!

Today we woke up in Ashboro and will fall asleep in Manteo! We stopped and visited Fearrington Village which was quite quaint. Mom and I wandered in the bookstore for a solid forty five minutes before we decided to leave because our stomachs were growling. We then ate at “The Belted Goat” which served gourmet sandwiches and salads. They also had the best caramel ice cream with heath and reese’s candy bars mixed in. The Village is well known for their “Oreo” cows that have black ends and have a thick strip of white around their bellies. They were adorable. Too bad I ate a roast beef sandwhich… Anyways, we won’t think about that. The drive to Manteo wasn’t that bad since mom and I took turns driving and reading aloud the new book that I got called “Sister” by Rosamund Lupton. Haha, I know, dorks. The relief to see the coast was awesome! I am so glad to be at the beach finally. We’ll update you on pictures and news later.

Much Love,


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End of second day on the road

Hello everyone,

It is very late but I wanted to get a post before going to bed. We woke up to a beautiful day to start our journey. Drove to the state line into Tennessee and turned around and came back entering NC  and taking pictures of the shield sign of HWY 64 East and to our surprise there was a sign that read Manteo 563!

On Sunday night after having dinner with Felice, Tyler, and Corinne Stokes in Arden we saw a beautiful half circle rainbow I hope that was a good luck omen for our trip.

Today, Monday we visited Murphy and had a wonderful brunch at “The Daily Grind” and after walking around the downtown historic district set out on our journey to conquer HWY 64 East across the state of North Carolina.

Just leaving town we witness a automobile collision in the middle of an intersection it left us a little shaken because we only had one car in front of us to separate us from the crash. It didn’t look like anyone was badly hurt.  We kept driving to the next intersection and there were two signs for HWY 64 ( kind of confusing and curious). Connie took a photo of the street signs. Geez, Louise! It was not until over an hour of driving through these incredible mountains and vistas and after quite a few WOWS, that we realized that we had taken the HWY 64 truck route which it was bringing us to Sylva and Waynesville instead of Cashiers and Highlands, and the waterfalls. Wrong turn! So after stopping at the tiny post office of Balsam NC where a very confused postal worker named Brenda was very insecurely trying to give us directions with our maps, the traveling Mullis girls decided to back track to Sylva and Cullowhee and take Route 107 south to Cashiers and connect back to HWY 64 East (4:44 p.m.). Unfortunately we miss the section of 64 that had the waterfalls prior to Cashiers. We handled it pretty well because we are travelers on a journey not tourists trying to meet a schedule. The drive through the mountains, by rivers, and lakes has been spectacular so far. Stopped in Hendersonville and had dinner at “The Hot Dog World” one of the 100 places to eat in North Carolina. Delicioso, yummo, highly recommend it.  Then set out from there around 7:00 p..m. for the long drive to Asheboro. We went via Bat Cave, Chimney Rock, Lake Lure, Rutherfordton, Morganton, Lenoir, Taylorsville, Statesville, Lexington, and finally Asheboro. We did not get to the hotel until 11:30 p.m. Tomorrow is our third leg of our journey and it should be a lot easier because is the last leg to the coast and HWY 64 is pretty much a straight shot from Asheboro and Raleigh and on to Manteo. The first leg we stayed in the mountains, the second leg we stayed in the piedmont area, and the third leg will be on the coast. The first time we had rain and not hard at all was in Morganton, but the rest of the way we saw the most fantastic lightning show in the sky all the way to Asheboro. We for sure took the road less traveled because there were hardly no cars on the road at night. We were the one and only car on the road for long stretches time.

regards and blessings from the road- Addy-Jean

This was to be posted last night but the internet at the hotel was not working right.

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Day 2 and the beginning of the journey

Hi everyone,

My very first post on a blog!

We are at the motel in Murphy ready to check out and start our journey following HWY 64 East to Manteo North Carolina.

Today we are going to cross the border into Tennessee and start the official route to the sea, from the western mountains of North Carolina. My companion (Connie) is the techy advisor of the trip and has done a great job so far. She is also in charge of the music selection ( with compromise) on our road trip.

We are going to visit downtown Murphy and head to The Land of Waterfalls to explore some of the waterfalls in North Carolina. Our plan is to make it to Asheboro North Carolina by this evening. We will update our blog then.

-regards and love from Addy-Jean (Thelma)

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Day 1 pictures

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Day 1

Today we made it all the way to Murphy, NC. In the car, mom and I decided to make up a list of “Rules for the Road”. Here it is:
1. Start AND end the day with a smile.
2. No yelling- unless in danger/extremely excited
3. Recreational road signs are to remain in the car..
4. Compromise.
5. In the event of a “gas leak” the windows are to be rolled down and/or febreeze is necessary.
6. Music must be agreeable.
7. Passengers are in charge of taking pictures.
8. No eating at chain restaurants with the exception of McDonald’s to use their wifi.
9. Share/split meals.
10. Stop for sunsets.

Today we met up with some old friends that live in Asheville and we ate dinner with them at Elena’s Mexican grill. It was yummy. The weather was a bit rainy and really misty but we saw a huge rainbow. It was awesome.
-Connie (Louise)

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